Patience is not a colorfully stained glass window for you to enjoy in
leisure hours. It is added to help when facing obstacles.

Serenity is not a garden to be cultivated only for your cheerful days. It
is a provision of peace for the deception along your pathway.

Calmness is not merely harmonious violin to accompany your pleasant
conversations. It is a substantial asset against misunderstandings.

Tolerance is not a delicious wine to be enjoyed in your moments of
fellowship. It is a valuable door through which you may demonstrate
good-will toward less advanced companions.

Real cooperation is not just the easy process of receiving assistance
from others. It is a means of helping a friend in need.

Confidence is not a nectar to sweeten your moonlit nights. It is a
secure refuge for the tempestuous hours.

Optimism does not constitute ease for your twilight hours. It is a
source of power for difficult days.

Fortitude is not a rhetorical ornament. It is a reinforcement to faith.

Hope is not the act of kneeling for simple contemplation. It is energy
for the lofty realizations that belong to your Spirit.

Virtue is not a decorative flower. It is the blessed fruit of your own
effort which you should use and glorify at the appropriate moment.