Light in the Shire Spiritist Group

Our mission is to provide comfort, hope & inspiration for Spiritual Awakening and Self-Enlightenment. Our aim is to simplify the concepts of the Spiritist philosophy through its the study and practice, bringing their connection to everyday life, bringing light into our lives. Ultimately, to better humanity in knowledge and love by improving ourselves.


Our public meetings intend to spread the teachings of Spiritism through lectures and, in the future, study groups.

Therapeutic Talks programme
Our Therapeutic Talks programme explores the Scientific, Philosophical and Moral principles of Spiritism.
It is aimed at providing comfort & inspiration for spiritual awakening and self-enlightenment.
The topics will be related to every-day life’s challenges and joys, reminding us of how to live happier, more balanced lives. Everyone is welcome.

The healing offered after our talks is a basic ‘transfusion of energies’, composed of two types:
- Human magnetism, inherent in the Healer.
- Spiritual magnetism, coming from the spiritual light workers who run and control the whole process.
The application of healing at Spiritist Centers is just the organization of an ability inherent in all human beings.
All of us can apply healing magnetism. Many people already do this unconsciously...
Here are a few examples: A mother who caresses the unsettled baby against her breast;
A doctor at a patient’s bedside, concerned about his recovery;
A faithful person who prays for someone in need; and so on.
Where there is a will to heal and help, the spiritual light workers will assist.

As defined in The Spirits' Book, the main principles of spiritism are:

  • There is a God, defined as "The Supreme Intelligence and Primary Cause of everything";
  • There are Spirits, all of whom are created simple and ignorant, but owning the power to gradually perfect themselves;
  • The natural method of this perfection process is reincarnation, through which the Spirit faces countless different situations, problems and obstacles, and needs to learn how to deal with them;
  • As part of Nature, Spirits can naturally communicate with living people, as well as interfere in their lives;
  • Many planets in the universe are inhabited.

Therapeutic Talks details

Therapeutic Talks Sessions
Talks on different every day topics with the aim to bring balance and inspire individuals to reach happiness. We base them on teachings from the Spiritist philosophy. Include short meditation.

A transmission of energy (without physical contact) to energetically re-balance individuals.

Free of charge

Location & Time
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"Unshakable faith is only that which can meet reason face to face in every Human era"

Allan Kardec